Summer Roadtrip – Getting There

To get us through until my fall botanical gardens photos, I have photos from our summer roadtrip to Lacey, Washington.

My gymnast daughter went to an out-of-state gymnastics camp for the first time. It was a day camp, meaning we stayed in a nearby hotel and dropped her off in the morning and picked her up in the afternoon. So I made it our summer vacation by finding cool spots to stop along the way.

First stop was a totally accidental find. We stopped at a rest stop in Oregon to stretch and take advantage of the facilities. I saw a large rock with a plaque and investigated, and found this old wooden water wheel. I thought it was such a fun find, I’m glad my kid appreciates things like this, too.

Next stop was a bit corny, but we liked it. When we went to Tacoma and Portland during the gymnastics season last winter, we saw these rows and rows of trees that we guessed must be a tree farm. So I got directions and we actually drove around the groves of trees a little bit. I got a photo but I didn’t get the focus set correctly, so the back trees are blurry and the front trees are in focus – the opposite of what I was going for. But I think the photo still works.

Then we stopped at Maryhill Stonehenge. Em thought this was so great she made me take a photo of her in a backbend… I don’t know, it’s a gymnast thing.

Our final stop on the way there was a fun you-pick berry and flower farm. It was such a beautiful day and the flowers were so bright and cheerful, definitely need to stop here again during the many road trips to come.


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