How much muscle does this blog have?

Usually I write about my daughter’s gymnastics exploits on Muscle Mondays.

Today I want to see how much muscle my blog has. With 85 followers, maybe not a lot, but maybe enough.

A former coworker of mine is in need due to her family being hit hard with various medical problems.

Another mutual coworker has started a GoFundMe fund, please read about my friend’s dilemma, give thanks that you are not in her situation, and donate. Uniting for Amberly and Family

When I worked with Amberly, she was one of my favorite coworkers. Whenever I saw her in the hall or on the production floor I would say, “Amberly!” but I would say it like this, “Aam-ber-LEEEE!” and she would smile and say, “Hi, Meg! How are you?”

It would make ME feel so lucky if I could help her out in her time of need but using my small following for her benefit.

Thanks for your thoughts and, hopefully, your donations and maybe even some further “shares” of her need and her fund site.


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