Halloween 2014 is approaching

It is fitting that I decided to post these past Halloween food posts now, in the middle of summer. Less than a week after my first Halloween food post I was in the kitchen fixing my kid lunch while she ate breakfast and she said, “I know what I’m going to be for Halloween this year, a werewolf.”

Come to think of it, I think she started the conversation while I was still waking up enough to make lunch and was still sitting across from her at the table by asking if we were still going to have a Halloween party this year. “Of course,” I said.

After I sent her off to gymnastics I realized how her choice in costumes was going to affect my menu. Last year she was Frankie from Monster High. Previously she’s been a vampire, and various versions of a witch. My Halloween party food consists of bones and blood.

A “bloody” drink:
Link to recipe on PinterestSpooky Candy Apple Cocktail – I substituted apple juice for apple brandy since it was for the kids.

Bones and Skeleton food:
Skeleton Bones with Gobbling Goo I used breadsticks and pizza sauce.
Crescent Mummy Dogs I don’t add the ketchup and mustard face. It’s too time consuming and the kids don’t care if the mummies have faces.

I made these one year, too, I remember buying the gummy Lifesavers and making the executive decision to use all colors, no just green.
Spooky Cinnamon Roll Eyeballs

I suppose “bloody” food and food “body parts” might still work. I’ll have to do some research over the next few months.

Here’s what I’ve found so far: 2014 Halloween Recipes Pinterest Board

Oh, and the reason this is tagged with Disney Channel and Liv & Maddie is because it’s the “Liv & Maddie” show on Disney Channel that has inspired her to be a werewolf on Halloween. In the show the character “Liv Rooney” is going to star in a movie based on the (fake) graphic novel “Space Werewolf.” It’s an ongoing storyline that has involved her auditioning, doing media events, and last week’s episode she started filming and told everybody she was going to do her own stunts.

And now I have to do a werewolf themed Halloween party, thanks, Disney Channel.


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