Cross Training



Summer is a time for my gymnast daughter to pick up new skills, I’ve said that already…

But it is also a time where there’s more time for things outside of gymnastics. Yes, she still works out 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, but she doesn’t have school so gymnastics is during the day and she can do other things at night.

But, die hard gymnast that she is, she doesn’t want to do anything that would “ruin” gymnastics (like getting hurt playing soccer). She wants to do something that will help her be a better gymnast – ballet class.

It’s just an intermediate class for 10-13 year olds but it does help her get the basics on leaps and turns that her gymnastics coach forgets to tell her. I don’t even get to watch because, as you can see by my photo, there’s no windows looking into the dance studio and the door is usually closed.

But my gymnast feels it helps her and I know that she looks more gracefull and “dancer-like” out on that floor during gymnastics season so it seems to be worth the $10 a week to drop into their summer classes. I’m glad they offer them.


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