Midsummer – Berries

Continuing my goal to visit the local botanical gardens throughout the season changes, I recently went to take my midsummer pictures. I was not sure what to expect at the beginning of August when the foothills are brown, wildfires are raging all around us, and the days routinely reach the 100 degree mark. I even postponed my visit for several days because it was hot and I just wasn’t sure if the trip would be worth it.

When I finally went, I found that midsummer is about berries, blooming ground cover, and bold flowers. I also stumbled upon more man-made items in the garden, some of which might have been covered by spring foliage on my last few visits. And postponing my trip worked out monetarily, too. It ends up Mondays are “roll-back Mondays” this month and I saved $4 on my admission.

Here is the first post – berries. Most were just starting to ripen but I’ll bet they are past their prime by the time I go back at the beginning of fall. This is turning out to be a great adventure.


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