The Importance of Branding

One a certain day recently I went to the Job Club offered by my local Department of Labor because I am currently unemployed and taking every avenue and opportunity to increase my chances of finding my next job.

The guest speaker was a career management coach who spoke about the importance of personal branding. Being able to tell potential employers who you are and what you can do for them in just one sentence or catchphrase.

After Job Club I went to lunch and realized I need to be doing the same thing for my kid.

Since I was at a restaurant alone, the waitress sat with me to talk and when she found out that my daughter was a gymnast she told me that her friend got to the point in gymnastics that she was a Junior Olympian.

Well, so is my kid, I just don’t usually explain it that way. Maybe I should. Instead of saying, “My daughter is a competive gymnast,” I probably should be saying, “My daughter is a Junior Olympic gymnast.”

I may try it out next time I meet someone new and the conversation turns to my kid….


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