Halloween Food for Every Day – Part 2

As I said last week, over the years I have searched for fun themed Halloween food that isn’t just cookies or sweets. I have found many that have become regular dinner entrees throughout the whole year. What I love is when I find a really versatile but easy recipe that my kid absolutely loves. This is one of those.

Again, it is from Pillsbury.com: Skewered Worms

The recipe has you cut your own meat, make your own marinade, and make your own dipping sauce. I admit, I don’t to any of that. But I still feel like I’m following the spirit of the recipe so I want to give credit where it’s deserved.

Sometimes I buy these cool thin beef slices that are in the cooler in front of the butcher. If I do that then I do put them on skewers after they are marinated to broil or grill. But, for some reason, those beef slices aren’t always there.

No worries.

When the beef slices are not available I get stir-fry cut beef. This can be small strips of beef (about 1/4 inch thick and 2 inches long) or larger strips (about 3/4 to 1 inch thick and 3-4 inches long) depending on who cut them. These I usually just saute after they marinate, although one time I covered my grill in aluminum foil and dumped them out on the center of the square of foil. Either way, delicious.

And I just use our family’s favorite marinades, usually something teriyaki. Plus I’ve found that the family doesn’t care about dipping… the marinade is enough to make the beef tasty.

I usually serve it with salad so I can say “We’re having worms and grass tonight.”

Recently I added wild rice so when my kid asked what I was planning for dinner I said, “Worms in dirt beside a bed of flowers.” (Because the salad had red cabbage and carrots in it so it was colorful.)

As I spoke her face lit up but then she frowned and asked, “Wait, what’s the dirt?”

“Wild rice.”

Happy face again, “Cool!”

While I was cooking she wandered through the kitchen and said, “Those worms smell good! It’s amazing how good they taste given what they look like.”

That’s my favorite part of serving this meal: how involved she gets in the “fantasy” of eating worms. I love cooking for the family when it’s more than just putting food on the table, it’s about creating beautiful memories that she will, most likely, share with her future family.

I can just imagine her saying to her future family, “We’re having worms in dirt for dinner tonight and you’re going to love it.”


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