Beginning of Summer – Man-made Part 2

I think I capture the essence of these man-made structures a little bit better.

I finally got the dichotomy of the old bricks and signs of the Old Penitentiary against the green, manicured foliage of the botanical gardens.

I found this beautiful statue hidden in some bushes in the rose garden, she looks just like her title – Serenity – in my photo.

I have two photos of a small man-made pond. At first I thought, “Boy, that’s a murky, dirty patch of water.” But then I saw a mom and her son bending down, looking into it, so I went to investigate a little more… and saw the tadpoles. Can you find the tadpoles in the photos?

Finally, a wide shot of the “labyrinth,” which is grass mowed in a design. But I made it a wide shot because I am fascinated by the old structures from the penitentiary, including the old guard tower that looks freshly painted, juxatposed against the wide expanse of carefully manicured grass.


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