Brain Exercise

One of the things I remember from the media packets for Jordyn Wieber during the 2010 Olympics was her mother saying that she worked to make sure that Jordyn did stuff besides gymnastics so she wouldn’t burn-out.

Now, I’m not saying my kid will be in the Olympics, my pocket book is not really capable of getting her there, but I do worry that she’ll burn-out.

She works out 5 hours a day, 5 days a week during the summer. She loves it but I still worry.

So recently I made sure we went to the local science center. We always talk about going but we seem to get too busy and we don’t get there. Plus, a new exhibit opened in June and we really wanted to see it so I wanted to make sure we didn’t procrastinate and miss it. Ends up it’s going to be there until November, but I guess that means we can go again.

The exhibit was of Da Vinci’s works, but a the center has a lot of exhibits that are just always there, too.

My kid likes to go to these types of things and then show off her muscles. Her favorite Da Vinci exhibit was a chair attached to a pulley where you pulled yourself up.

She called to me and said, “I’m stronger than those boys who just did this.”


“Yes, watch.” She starts pulling herself up, counting as she goes. “… seven, eight! It took them until 15.”

The thing I find most amusing is that she thought to count how long it took them while she was waiting for her turn.

She also liked a lot of the regular exhibits, not all of them having to do with physical achievements, although she still liked those, for sure.

Just another day making sure my kid can just be a kid every once in a while.


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