Halloween Food for Every Day – Part 1

My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love the season changes in the fall and, to me, Halloween is the begining of the holiday season. You have Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. I can’t think of any other time of the year that you get three holidays in three months.

My daughter’s birthday is in June, right after school gets out, right when everyone heads out of town because they’re finally free. Awkward for birthday parties. So I started having a Halloween party each year for her and her friends so she can hang out with friends, have good food, and have fun.

Over the years I’ve searched for different Halloween themed food, most of which I’ve found on Pillsbury.com. But what has amazed me is how much of this food goes into regular rotation in my dinner menu.

Here’s our favorite: Spiderweb Pot Pies

I cut the recipe in half since I only need to make 3 pot pies. I also fix it with canned asparagus and canned corn instead of the frozen vegatables, I use different meats to keep it fun and fresh (ham, mostly, but sometimes turkey), and I only use 1 can of Crescent Recipe creations, sometimes using more, sometimes less, depending on how I “decorate” the top.

We eat it all year round. I fix it in the summer, in the winter, and every season in between. And, during the months of September, October, and November, I actually try to make the top look spiderwebby. 🙂


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