Another Scary Skill in the Bucket

It took a while to sink in… when my daughter’s coach said she had all her skills for level 8 now that she had thrown that double back off the bars that meant she already had her Yurchenko on vault.

Personally, I think that’s her scariest new skill for level 8. A blind landing on the vault into whatever flip, twist, or tuck she plans on doing.

Toward the end of the school year, I would watch some of her teammates try to get psyched up for their Yurchenkos: fidgeting and fussing with their wrist braces… pointing and repointing their toes… even doing the twisting-turning visualization you see on T.V.

But my little one says, oh yeah, I’ve been doing Yurchenkos for a long time.

Although she did brag the other day that she did her Yurchenko into a backhandspring off the vault when the vault was at a higher setting than she normally uses (because she was practicing with the older, taller, girls that day and used their setting).

By the way, the pictures are not of my kid. I don’t usually post pictures of her teammates but I wanted to let you see what a Yurchenko is – a roundoff onto the spring and a backhandspring (blind) onto the vault. Since I know how this is and can barely recognize her in the photos, I figure it’s safe to post.


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