Personal Grilling Challenge – Day 3

I am really liking combining a cooking and blogging challenge. I already know what my next series of Food Friday blogs will be about but I have two more grilling posts so I will not reveal the next topic until the next post.

For the 4th day of my grilling challenge, I made steak. If you are going to spend a week grilling your dinner, you have to make steak.

I also grilled up some fresh corn on the cob. I like to shuck the corn, lightly butter it, salt and pepper with sea salt and fresh ground pepper, and wrap in aluminum foil to grill.

I marinated my steak in a nice teriyaki sauce that has a good kick of ginger in it. Amazingly, my kid still loves it, she does not try to say it’s too spicy.

I’m not much of a red meat person. I can go weeks just fixing pork or fish for dinner. But these steaks sure to look nice on a grill with those charcoal briquettes glowing below them.



And even though I grilled these weeks ago, what a fitting 4th of July post.


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