Evolution of a Bars Dismount

Over the years the summer has become about getting the skills necessary to move up to the next level.

Recently my daughter’s coach told my mom that my daughter already had the skills she needs to move up to level 8 in the fall since she just threw a “double back” on bars.

Okay, a double back… sure.

So we started all those years ago with her first big dismount, a half twist then drop to the ground. She practically killed herself on it once by letting go too early and flying straight out from the bar instead of dropping to the ground.

The next year she learned the “flyaway” in tuck position. I’m so glad she had the timing better on that one, no close calls for her. I’ve seen some close calls from other girls but not her.

Then she mastered the “flyaway” in a layout position. I thought she looked like an angel when she did that.

Now, apparently, a “double back” is TWO rotations in tuck position. Boy, I wonder how I’m going to photograph that.


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