First Week of Summer Vacation

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Kids can be so funny. And my kid takes pride in the fact that gymnasts, like herself, are especially weird.

Toward the end of the school year she came home one night and said, “Mama, ask me what the best part about gymnastics was.”

“Okay, what was the best part of gymnastics today?”


If you don’t know, that’s where they do gruelling strength exercises so they will be strong enough to do the actual gymnastics.

“Conditioning?” I say, laughing. “Why?”

“Because we got to do standing back tucks!”

But, oh, what a difference a few weeks makes.

On the first day of summer for her, some of her teammates were still in school. This is important because during the summer her coach switches the gymnasts’ workout to the day but because her school got out earlier her workout was still at night for one more week.

She spent her first day of summer vacation doing typical young kid summer stuff: she played in the backyard with our dog and some cool water guns she’d gotten for her birthday; she ran up and down the stairs of our house taking her dolls on adventures; and she rode her bike to a nearby park to target practice with her water guns.

And then she went to gymnastics. She was in tears from exhaustion when she got home, which I completely expected given her busy day but I didn’t want to stop her from being a normal kid.

We babied her through her week of sore muscles (because, quite honestly, she rarely is sore even the next day after a gymnastics workout) – Tylenol, Pain-a-trate (which is like Ben-gay), ice packs, heat packs, rub downs.

By the end of the week her muscles were fairly recovered but she found out with a few standing back tucks that her butt muscles were still a little sore. She wasn’t so enthusiatic about those standing back tucks this time. 🙂


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