Fair Photos 2014

One of my goals about 3 years ago was to do more things that I enjoy.

Work is okay, although I am currently unemployed I have been lucky to have enjoyable, challenging jobs with coworkers who are also friends.

Family is great, I love being a mom and often the things I enjoy involve my kid (see my Muscle Monday posts).

But I have other interests that I sometime put on the back burner and then never get to…

One of these interests is photography. I used to love to take photos of nature and, sometimes, interesting architecture. More recently my photography has all been about gymnastics, which has been very challenging because sports photography is so different from nature and landmark photography.

To get myself back on focus with my love for photography, not just capture my daughter’s childhood, I decided to start entering my photos in the county fair.

This will be the third year I meet this goal.

I can only enter three photos and I can only enter one photo per category.

Here are the photos I thought were contenders throughout the year.

And I think I’ve decided on my three.



Children in BW:
At the Meet

And since the color Flowers category is usually full of photos, I may enter it as a black and white photo:
may stuff 142 bw2

Last year I realized that the black and white categories had much fewer photos so I took all of the photos at one of Em’s practics meets in black and white, only to discover there is no Sports category in black and white division. 😦

I thought about entering the one of her in a pirouette as a Portrait, or maybe in Human Interest… maybe crop it a bit more like this:

cropped tall

I don’t know, maybe I haven’t decided on my three entries, yet.

Oh, by the way… Happy Friday the 13th!


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