World Penguin Day

Today is World Penguin Day.

The only reason I know that is because my work has a “Fun Day Calendar” and when April’s came out I saw that the 25th, the day we were all going to get laid off, was going to be Black and White Dress day in honor of World Penguin Day.

I was excited. I have many black and white pieces and I was looking forward to dressing up for that last day that we would all be there together.

Backstory: For the past 9 months I have been a trainer at a local call center. This was a brand new call center, the trainers were the first hired; forty of us. Then they hired managers. Then supervisors. Finally, they hired thousands of CSRs (customer service representatives) and we, the forty trainers, spent the first 7 months the site was open training these thousands. Then they told us they were laying off 80% of the workforce… bummer.

The final blow for us trainers, management gathered us together 3 weeks ago and said that since there wasn’t really any training duties to be done, we were all getting released early. Still paid through the 25th but please hand over badges and leave the premises.

This post will not be a rant about how poorly this company treated us and the community, although it could be.

This post is about how bummed I am to be sitting in front of my computer in my black and white clothes instead of getting to spend one last day with the hundreds of people that came through my classroom over the last 9 months chatting about appropriate the black and white World Penguin Day dress theme was for our last day on the job.

I’m sad that I just got called into a meeting and then sent packing. I had all these plans for the last few weeks at work, which I probably wouldn’t have done but know I’ll never know. The big one was that I was going to hand out personal business cards so that people would be able to stay in touch with me through this blog, through Facebook, and through LinkedIn. Since it was a paperless environment, I probably wouldn’t have followed through on that, but I would have liked to have had the chance.

Oh well, here I sit in my black and white skirt, black top, and gray sweater, thinking about how this is my last day of official employment so I’d better get my butt in gear and apply for these jobs I’ve found. But instead I play games and write blog posts. I did apply for some jobs but I didn’t fully customize my resume for each one because my heart is not in it. I am wondering what day was like at work… sigh…


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