State Championships

The season is over.

State Championships was weeks ago.

I admit that I’ve been putting of this post a bit because of Em’s scores at State.

She finished out the season so strong. She looked great at State but to a non-gymnastic person reading posts on a random blog I am sure that scores and final standings mean a lot; she didn’t score or place well. The judges were not doing a very good job that night. Her coach even said so.

So I hesitated putting out her scores to the world for people with no knowledge to judge but part of my goal with this blog is to have something for her to look back on in the years to come so I must document this final meet of the season.

She started on floor and looked absolutely lovely, as usual. And she scored a 9.00. I thought she was off to a great start. That score ended up getting her 9th place, which means she didn’t medal, they only went down to 6th place for medals. I really thought she would medal with that score.

Then she went to vault and scored a 9.1. I knew she wouldn’t place with that, vault is very competitive and a 9.1 is only a fair score (she got 8th place), but I was excited because I thought that meant she would finally meet her goal of getting three 9’s in a meet. Little did I know…

Next event, her best event, bars. She had been scoring 9.3-9.4 range all season on bars so I thought a 9 was a sure bet. She looked great, just like she always did, she didn’t fall or stumble, yet the judges gave her an 8.675. I honestly thought it was a mistake at first. That sometimes happens. Parents are helping plug in the scores and they make mistakes. I thought she must have gotten a NINE point six-seven-five. Nope, she placed 8th in an event where she got 3rd place in a world-class event (in Phoenix). Her teammates made their giants for the first time in a meet and they scored low 8’s, too. The peanut gallery (that’s us, parents) was speechless.

Between bars and beam there was a long wait. We were sitting in the stands just above the beam warm-up area and her coach saw us and came up to talk. I couldn’t hear all he was saying to the other moms but I heard him say, “Yeah, the judges aren’t doing very well tonight.” But he knows, and we parents know, too, that that is part of the sport. He knew the girls did well and he told us right then, the middle of the last meet of the season, that our girls would probably move up to level 8 next season. That’s enough for me. No, really, it is.

She did well on beam, after all that. She fell once but that’s actually pretty good for her. She pulled out an 8.025, a good score for her on beam. Sure, it was 10th place, but still, it was a good day on beam.

When the scores came in, she got a 34.8 all-around which put her in 10th place, neither of which reflected her actual performance this season, or even that night (in my opinion).

But it doesn’t matter. The season is over and she will probably move up to level 8 next year.

Every year in gymnastics is a new adventure.

And are you wondering what I’ll write about on “Muscle Mondays” now that gymnastics season is over? I guess you’ll just have to tune in next week to find out.


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