Friendship in Progress

Watching my kid, she makes it seem so easy to make and keep friends. At 10 years old, she moves effortlessly between school friends, gymnastics friends, old daycare friends, and new “friends” at pool or park.

I think it’s harder as a grown-up and as a mom.

I make friends with her friends’ parents. We obviously have something in common given we chose to send our children to the same daycare, private school, or gymnastics center. But I try not to push it, we should have things in common besides our kids so if we are just “friends” at the events of our cross-over location, I’m okay with that.

I also find that, as an older mom, my first (and only) child is sometimes the same age as another mom’s youngest. In this case I find that this mom has already established parent-friends with the parents of her older children. Again, I don’t try to push.

This was the case with a particular parent in my daughter’s gymnastics circle. When we were at meets we clicked but her daughter was her youngest and she socialized with parents from her older children’s school. Then she surprised me.

Maybe I need to back up a bit. As you see from the picture I used, there are THREE musketeers in the gymnastics squad. One mother has relied on us to make her plane reservations and hotel reservations so she and her daughter would be able to travel with us. The other mother asked about hotels but made her own reservations.

Why this is significant is that the two reservations I made ended up on the same floor of the hotel, sometimes adjoining rooms. Her third reservation landed her and her daughter in the same hotel but, often, on a different floor.

So this mom surprised me when she asked if I would make her reservations, too, so the girls could all be on the same floor. I was happy to do it, I was just surprised she thought it was important, she has always seemed like a no-nonsense, no-spoiling type of mom. But I am glad she did because the girls had a GREAT time at that last meet when we were all on the same floor.

I hope we do the same thing next season, maybe we could take turns making the reservations… maybe, I like to make sure things are done right but I think she’s the same way so I could (probably) trust her. 🙂


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