Scary Winter Driving

Guess where these pictures were taken…

Did you guess just 35 miles east of Portland? Well, maybe you did if you saw the “Ainsworth State Park” road sign in one of the pictures.

I went to graduate school at Oregon State University and drove back and forth to Idaho during the winter for holiday breaks and NEVER encountered roads like we did on the drive back from the Rose City Challenge in March.

I had just resolved to drive to every meet if she was going to continue with this competitive gymnastics thing and then this happens.

Well, I’m still going to drive, but I’m seriously considering renting a car when we do. This ice covered road was so choppy from the chains of the semi-trucks that it banged loose an under panel of my car. I think using a rental car would relieve wear and tear on my car but I don’t know how much I would have to pay if I banged up the rental car as much as I did my car on this trip… so many things to worry about.

But not today. Rose City Challenge was our last road trip for the season. I do not have to worry about gymnastics travel meets until 2015. Maybe I will have some epiphany about my car vs. rental cars before then.


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