Rose City Challenge

It’s been over a month since my last post. I tried SO HARD this season to stay caught up but when we came back from Portland it seemed that everything got crazy and then my computer started acting up.

But now gymnastics season is officially over, which deducts a lot of crazy from life, and I got my computer fixed. Now I can catch up on blogging, add the photos from Portland, and add the photos from State Championships.

Let’s start with photos from the Rose City Challenge in Portland. Actually in Beaverton, OR.

She started on uneven bars where she scored a 9.4, tied for 1st place.

After that is beam, of course. She fell a few times, as usual, but scored a high seven: 7.825, which was a 7th place finish.

And if you’ve been reading all season you may guess that floor was next. A funny thing happened on floor, her music started, she started, then her music stopped and she got back into her beginning pose, then her music started again. I had to ask her later what happened, she said the music didn’t start at the beginning… but she did really well there, even after a false start. She got a 9.275 and tied for 4th.

Finally was vault. She got an 8.775 there, which seems like a good score, but vault is very competitive and that was actually the lowest score of her age group, oh well.

That adds up to a 35.275 all-around which also tied her with another girl, another tie for 4th.

It was a very fun meet but not a very fun drive home, but that’s a story for another post.


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