Tired Muscles

My little one is such a dedicated gymnast.

Each season her coach assigns the girls to different workout groups and then assigns each workout group a workout schedule which usually includes several mandatory days and one optional day.

Since the first day she was on the competitive team she has always chosen to workout on the optional day, even as she moved up and had more and more time on each mandatory day and more and more mandatory days each week.

At this point she is up to 4 hours a day for 3 days a week plus one optional day. Which means she works out 4 hours a day, 4 days a week.

But I have noticed this season that she always finds a way to skip gym on the Monday after a meet. I am sure her coach has noticed, too. But given how hard she works, and how focused and stressed out the girls are during a meet, neither of us has mentioned it (yep, not even her coach). Obviously she is mentally and physically exhausted after a meet and she deserves a little break.

non-action shot

At times like these I remember Jordyn Wieber’s mom talking about how one of her biggest challenges in raising an Olympic gymnast was to make sure that Jordyn had a life outside of gymnastics and didn’t work too hard and burn out.

Being a mom sometimes means letting your kid slack off…


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