Heart-Shaped Bun for Queen of Hearts

2014 02 15 16 47 50

2014 02 15 16 47 50

Being a gymnastics mom leads to some crazy moments.

The Queen of Hearts Invitational was hosted by my daughter’s gym. So, as a member of the booster club, I was enlisted to help out with running the meet. I chose to work during the Level 2 session on Friday night while my kid did her normal workout (she competed late Saturday).

I come home late Friday to find out that at gym my daughter discovered that her friends were going to wear their hair in a heart-shaped bun because it was “Queen of Hearts.” I did not handle it well. I said something along the lines of “I am not going to try to learn a new hairstyle the night before a meet.”

But I broke down and searched for heart-shaped buns online and, after a little more bickering and arguing, my daughter and I found a video tutorial for something that looked like it might be what her friends were going to do (since “sock bun” was mentioned in passing and this video used a “sock bun” to make the heart).

It just so happened that I also had to work overtime at work that Saturday so after I got off work, I scoured the town for the foamy bun donut that makes a “sock bun,” found it at the third store I tried, got home, ate some lunch, and started working on her hair.

By this point, I was so tired and frustrated I couldn’t even French braid correctly… I had three braids I was putting in her hair before putting in the bun and I had to make two to three attempts on each one. So by the time I got to the heart bun, I was not redoing anything, however it looked on the first try was how it was going to look. But by this time I was also being pretty hard on myself about how things were looking. So I got it in and told her that was as good as it was going to get.

As we drove to the meet, my stress level started dropping, and by the time I parked the car I thought to myself, “I worked so hard on that, I should take a picture even if it isn’t perfect.”

So once we got into the building, I pulled Em over to the side so I could get a picture of the bun without too much clutter in the background. As I was taking the picture, another gymnast’s mom walked by and said, “Oh, you did her hair in the shape of a heart. How cute!”

Then, even better, after Em ran off to meet her friends, she came running back to me and said, “M has the same bun!”

So it turned out okay. In fact, the more I looked at her bun, the more it looked like a heart. But I am glad I don’t have to do a heart bun again until next year’s Queen of Hearts. 🙂


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