Queen of Hearts

Latest meet pictures….

This meet was at the Expo Building at our local fairgrounds. I knew as soon as I walked in that pictures were not going to be photographically good because backgrounds would be too busy. So I played with my camera and just experimented. I got some good pictures experimenting with depth of focus… and some bad. And I got some good photos tracking her as she moved, and some bad.

She, however, had a great meet. She got two nines, she placed in two events, and she had her season record all-around score.

She started on floor.

This is one of the events where I experimented with being more zoomed in and trying to track her with the camera as she moved around. It worked really well on a picture of her running to start her front pass, but not so well on the front tuck at the end of the same pass.

She scored a 9.225 on floor and finished 6th place.

Next was vault. Again, I tried to track her as she ran and vaulted. She was in focus but I cut of her feet so I guess I should not zoom in quite that much.

She scored an 8.9 but didn’t place.

Then she went to her strongest event, bar.

I tried to find the best angle I could on bars but there really wasn’t a good angle… but she looked beautiful and people came and congratulated us about how well she did on bars and how beautiful it looked.

She scored a 9.35 and snagged third place.

First place on bars scored a 9.6, second place scored a 9.375, she got a 9.35, there was a tie for 4th at 9.325, 6th got a 9.3, then the next highest score was an 8.675. Bar routines that score over a 9.0 are noteworthy…

Her last event was beam. She did much better than previous meets. She did not fall off until the very end but, even then, she scored over an eight… her last two meets she scored sevens on beam.

And I, accidentally, got some pictures on beam that used more interesting depth of focus than I usually use. One, in particular, she’s in a scale with a bent support leg, and she’s perfectly in focus and the people in the background are blurry. Unfortunately, since it was by accident, I have a few where she’s blurry and the people in the background are perfectly in focus.

She got an 8.050 but that was not high enough to place.

So although she did not quite meet her goal of three nines (darn that 8.9 on vault), all of this added up to her season record for all-around: 35.55.

She just has one more meet before state and this meet shows that she is absolutely ready for state.


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