Moments Not on Film

Some moments happen too quickly to get captured on film.

When we were in Phoenix, we went to the Arizona Science Center. There was an exhibit on leverage that was had tug of war ropes hooked up to different sections of a fulcrum. The idea was the rope that was attached higher up would give more leverage. I saw that three young kids were pulling the rope that was attached lower and one little toddler was pulling on the higher rope so I called Em over so she could quickly help the little girl because I knew that Em’s muscles and the help from the fulcrum would beat the three kids on the other side; which she did and it did.

Then Em, true athlete that she is, tried to get a low five from the little girl. Instead the cutie looked at Em’s hand, spread out both her arms and stepped right past Em’s hand to give Em a hug. Too precious for words and too fast for a photo.


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