Classic Rock Invitational

The meet in Phoenix was amazing. It was so huge – three sessions were running at the same time all weekend. And it was very competitive, scores in the low nines weren’t even getting on the podium most of the time. But, for some reason, we all feel like the Phoenix meet helped us feel better about Em being a level 7.

Her first event was beam. It’s not her best event and she fell a few times but she still pulled a high 7 – a 7.75. We did not expect her to place with that score and she didn’t but she wasn’t last in her group, that’s important to me… I know it shouldn’t be, but it does make me feel better that she isn’t totally last, even in her poorer events.

Next event was floor. All the Wings girls looked really great on floor. Several of the girls pulled out nines, included Em – she got a 9.25, and I had high hopes for medals for all our girls on floor. None of them placed on floor. That’s how competitive this meet was, a 9.25 got Em tied for 10th, YES – TIED for 10th. Wow! But she certainly looked beautiful out there.

Next event was vault, I have no idea how to tell a nine vault from a seven vault… she got an 8.6 on her vault which put her almost in last place, again, that’s how competitive this meet was. But I think her vaults looked beautiful.

Finally, bars, her best event. Last meet I yelled out, “Let’s go, Em! Best for last!” and she fell. So this time I stayed very quiet and crossed my fingers and she did beautifully. She scored a 9.275 which gave her a 3rd place medal. She actually managed to medal at a hugely competitive meet, she was very proud, you might be able to tell from the picture.

Her goal was to get three nines in Phoenix, she didn’t quite make it… maybe next meet. She also came very close to breaking 35 on her all-around score – she gota 34.875 which put her in 9th place all-around. A very good performance for her, she is doing very well as a first year level 7, in my opinion.


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