National Judges Cup

Wow, what a start to the season! Tied for 1st place and two 9s!

It was amazing going over to National Judges Cup. It was so cool to be at a meet where there were so many all-stars teams and see the girls hold their own.

Here’s how Em’s scores broke out:

She started on vault with a 9.2 which got her 7th place.
She soared on bar with a 9.45 which tied her for 1st, yes, tied for 1st.
She wobbled a little bit on beam with a 7.1 which was not high enough to place but wasn’t last, either.
And she stumbled a little on floor but pulled out an 8.275 which was also not high enough to place but also wasn’t last.

She placed 12th out of 22 all-around with a score of 34.025.

Very good showing but it was a bit of a shock to be at such a competitive meet. It took a bit for her to recover, mentally, when we got back to town. But she’s talking about getting more nines at future meets so I think she’s shaken off her nerves and is ready for the next meet.


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