Food is Fuel

All the schools in the valley are on Christmas break right now. What that means for my kid is that she has no school but she still has 4hr a day gymnastics workouts – it’s just that the workouts are 9am-1pm instead of 4pm-8pm. What that means to me is that I have to actually feed her… AAAHHHH! I forgot about that until way too late Sunday night.

See, since my mom retired, my kid does not have to go to daycare. However, after 4 years going to the same daycare, she had friends there. Also, the daycare is in the same facility as her gymnastics classes so, even though it’s been over a year since she’s gone to daycare, she still sees her friends occassionally. The whole point of this is that for Christmas my kid asked for one week of Holiday Camp. But I forgot that I have to fix her lunch when she goes to daycare (I so love school lunches and I miss them on school breaks).

So today, Monday, I sent a Lunchable to Holiday Camp with her, that Lunchable was originally intended to be her healthy snack for the New Year’s Eve sleepover, but it’s the best I could do on short notice. Then this evening, after I got off of work, I called my mom and asked my kid what she wanted me to get from Fred Meyer for her lunches for the rest of the week. She thought about it and then decided that she wanted me to get some Chef Boyardee canned pastas so we could warm them up in the microwave in the mornings and put them in the hot thermos thing I got years ago for soups and warm foods.

Since she will be eating lunch at 1pm, after working out for 4hrs, I thought this was a good plan, nice warm, filling pasta that I did not have to fix from scratch. I also got some apple slices and some little carmel dipping sauce packets and I already had some Cheezits at home. (She LOVES Cheezits for some reason). I don’t think she’ll starve this week, but I hope for more, I hope I’m giving her enough good food to keep building those muscles of hers.

Honestly, I stress out about feeding her every school break but it’s been easier since my mom retired… I forgot how hard I had to work on healthy lunches back in the day… I’m glad this is just for 3 more days.


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