Idaho Judges Cup 2013 – Level 7 Session

Boy, was the first meet of the season dramatic!

We got there really early. Em was wandering the crowd, visiting with friends, when her coach asked her to put her teammate’s grips with hers. She rushes over to me in tears, “I forgot my grips at home.”

I made the roundtrip in 45 minutes. She had her grips in time for open warm up. Which was a good thing since bars was the first event.

But I was also a little frazzled from the drama so I had my camera on the wrong settings and I thought it wasn’t taking any pictures on bars. It was, but only one is worth sharing:



She got an 8.7 on bars… good thing I went home for those grips!

Then she went to beam. Apparently I was still a little frazzled. Plus, I was trying to get pictures of her whole level 7 team on beam and I got distracted. I missed taking pictures of most of her big skills but I did get a few pictures of her dismount, which I missed at the mock meet…

But she fell off the beam during one of her required skills. Falls are usually .5 deduction but she told me after the meet that because it was one of her required skills, it was a full point deduction. With that in mind, a 7.45 on the beam seems darn good.

Next she went to floor. Floor was her weakest event all last season but I had a feeling that this season, when she got to pick leaps that she was good at, pick tumbling passes she was strong on, pick a style of dance she was good at, that it would be different. I was right. In fact, when I showed her the picture of her switch leap, she asked if I was sure that was her, maybe it was one of her teammates… “No,” I said, “I didn’t take pictures of anyone else on floor. That’s you.”

She got a 9.35 on floor.

Finally, vault. The meets always put vault along the back wall so it’s so hard to get good pictures. I don’t know how many pictures of floor judges I have in my vault pictures, a lot, and this meet was no different.

But she threw two solid vaults with just a little step on the landings and got an 8.8 on vault.

Idaho Judges Cup only runs through Level 7, the higher level optionals don’t compete. And Level 7’s have a chance to qualify for a special challenge session at National Judges Cup.

When Em came to me after the meet I asked if we should stay to see who qualified. She said, “Oh no, that’s for the Level 8’s.”

“There aren’t any Level 8’s at this session.” I thought she didn’t know what she was talking about.

It ends up that several gyms let their new Level 8’s compete one last time as a Level 7 at Idaho Judges Cup so they can stack the deck. No one from Wings qualified. We let our Level 8’s compete as Level 8’s all season.

Still, of the six Level 7 Wings girls, Em finished second All-Around with a 34.30. She beat her two fellow ten-year-olds and a 14-year old and a 16-year old. Plus, a 34.30 means she has already qualified for State Championships (a gymnast must score a 32.00 or better on at least one meet during the season to qualify for State Championships).

Last year she qualified for State during Judges Cup but she never got a 9 last year, first year she never scored a 9 all season. In previous years she scored at least one 9 at State, but not last year. And now, this year, first meet and she scores a 9 on what has historically been one of her weakest event.

Here’s what’s ahead for us:

Teddy Bear Classic at our own gym.
National Judges Cup in Tacoma, WA (she didn’t qualify for the challenge but our coach is still taking the whole optionals team to the regular meet).
Gem State Invitational here in town.
Arizona Sunrays Classic Rock Invite in Phoenix, AZ.
Queen of Hearts here in town.
Rose City Challenge in Portland, OR.
Then State Championships which happens to be here in town this year.

This is going to be a GREAT SEASON!


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