Friday night TV viewing


So, after last week’s season premiere of Haven, all I could say was, “Well played, Syfy, well played.”

To have Audrey come back as Lexie so that killing Nathan would do nothing to end the “troubles” was a great plot twist.

However, tonight I literally squealed in surprise and shock during the last minute of the episode. My throat feels all sore from my outburst and I was glad that the TV room door was shut since the rest of the house had gone to bed.

It really IS Audrey, she’s faking being a new person… never expected that complicated of a plot twist from my fun but somewhat fluffy Syfy show, Haven.

It is going to be a GREAT season!

Added bonus, Eric Balfour is getting more screen time… he was amazing in this episode – the way he transformed when he was “possessed.”

Again, it’s going to be a GREAT season!

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