Long day…

I just got home from work and I am so exhausted but I am also very glad to have this day over and done with.

Today my company brought in an inconceivable number of new employees. So many that we split them into two shifts for training. That means the trainers were also split onto two shifts and I got the 2pm-10:30pm shift.

It sounds good on paper: I get to take my kid to school in the morning, I don’t have to get up at 4am, I’m still home before midnight… but in reality, it started getting really tough around 9pm… I was so glad to be walking out to my car at 10:45, and the drive home was much longer that it is at 5pm, even though it took me less time (according to the clock).

I had to survive missing students, extra students, and missing or incorrect employee IDs and passwords but at the end of the day (the VERY LONG day) my trainees said that one of the positive points of their first day of training was having a patient trainer…. aw shucks…

But seriously, that makes it all worth while and that is why I can go to sleep right now, exhausted but happy that I did a good job today and things will be just as good tomorrow, if not better.

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