About a year ago this week… my first look at @aly_raisman

This morning I decided that I wanted to wear red, white, and blue to work to honor the holiday tomorrow. The problem is that I don’t really like blue so I have no blue articles of clothing – EXCEPT my “Road to London” t-shirt from the San Jose Gymnastics Olympic trials which just happened to catch my eye over the weekend so I knew right where it was. And it is perfect because it’s a royal blue with the “Road to London” logo in red, white, and dark blue complete with stars.

Now I’m reminiscing over the once-in-a-lifetime memories my family and I made a little over a year ago.

For any Olympic sports fans out there – look into the Olympic trial or qualifying events for your sport. We would have never been able to afford as good of seats at the actual Olympics as we had at the Olympic trials. It was awesome.

I remember sitting in the stadium with my family. My daughter had a “Jordyn Weiber” sign that she held up any chance she got.

My mom was watching Gabby Douglas because she had beaten Jordyn’s scores at a recent meet but was not officially on the team that meet so didn’t win.

I was watching this dark-haired beauty that was ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL on the floor. She had this beautiful music that got the whole crowd clapping and an amazing final tumbling pass. Yes, I’m talking about Aly Raisman. I will never forget being in that crowd and getting the chance to become an Aly Raisman fan BEFORE everyone else jumped on the bandwagon.

I also became a huge fan of a certain male gymnast – Sam Mikulak. And my mom managed to get Sam Mikulak and John Orozco to sign my daughter’s Team USA jacket that we had just bought the day before, too. She still shows that off, a year later… I really need to take that to a stitching store and get the autographs stitched over so that we can finally wash that thing. 🙂


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