What a week!

Last week was awful!

Monday I accepted a great job offer and turned in my notice at my current job to well-wishes and congratulations.

The week went down-hill from there.

By 7pm that night I was TOTALLY exhausted. My hips ache sometimes when storm fronts come in. That night my hips ached so bad my ankles were aching, too. I had successfully fed my family but I was so exhausted I felt shaky. As I went upstairs I said something about wishing the cat was upstairs because she would come snuggle with me once she realized I was sick.

My sweet kid marched around the house until she found the grouchy Siamese cat and brought a wiggly, hissing cat upstairs and plopped her on my bed. I reached out to pet her and she bit me (drawing blood) as she ran off to another room. I told my kid that it was okay, the cat would come back once I settled down and it was very sweet of her (my kid) to bring the cat upstairs.

And the cat did come back up to sit with me. She even let me scratch her ears at one point. But she only stayed with me for 2 hours. When she heard the rest of the house was settling down to bed she decided to go back downstairs. But she wouldn’t go passed the dog kennel in the living room because the dog was already in bed. So she circled back and I let her out the front door. And that’s the last we saw of her…

By Wednesday we were all distraught. My kid was crying in my arms saying how much she missed the cat.

Thursday my daughter was convinced that our cat would be at Petco on the weekend because someone had picked her up and brought her to the Humane Society.

Friday I stopped by the Humane Society after work because I thought maybe she had a good idea… maybe the cat had been picked up by someone and brought in. She wasn’t there but the Humane Society staff was WONDERFUL… one person told me not to give up hope because her cat showed up after a week and a half on her back step. I was escorted through all the different rooms of stray cats and then I was given the opportunity to fill out a lost pet report.

Saturday we went back as a family to the Humane Society to take another look through the stray cats, one, in particular, that I hadn’t gotten a good enough look at on Friday but still wasn’t our cat.

I’ve felt like CRAP all week because I feel like she wouldn’t have gone outside if I hadn’t been sick. And the whole thing seemed extra surreal because of my being sick.

Sunday my daughter asked if we should go to the Humane Society and I said that I didn’t think we would go again that day but I promised to go back on Monday after work. When I went to Petco that day, our cat was not there, and since she was not at home, either, when I found myself in the cat food aisle I mentally kicked myself in the butt and left because, like I said, when she went out the door Monday that was the last we saw of her… until last night (Sunday night).

As I turned off the T.V. that night I sent a desperate thought out into the night. I though, “Just forgive us and come back.”

I went to the front door and as I locked the door I looked out the stained glass window and saw our cat turning the corner around the garage and meowing as she came up the stairs like, “What are you doing locking the door when I’m out here?!”

We are all so glad to see her again. But she is TOTALLY GROUNDED!


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