Indulging in some deep nostalgia @jonnyjlm #hackers

I recorded Hackers on AMC recently.

Since I have no Elementary to watch I jumped at the chance to record Hackers when I saw it was showing on AMC.

PG shower scene… he was so beautiful… still is… so glad I will get to watch him in a new season of Elementary this fall.

I can lust after teeny-bobber Jonny Lee Miller even though I’m middle aged because I was a teeny-bopper when I first lusted. 🙂

I admit I lusted a bit over teeny-bopper Angelina Jolie at the time, too.

I am planning on watching The Bridge on FX this summer which has another Hackers alum – Matthew Lillard.

I’m looking forward to seeing Matthew Lillard in something serious… I think he has acting chops he hasn’t necessarily shown in previous roles. Not that he was bad in previous roles… he has acted well… he just hasn’t had so many challenging roles, imho.

But right now I luxuriate it the too cool for school attitude of Hackers.

Fun Saturday!

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