I have to do what’s right for me

I have accepted an offer to be a Training Specialist at a company opening a new site here in Boise.

I will start on July 8th.

I had not planned on giving notice to my current job until about 2 weeks before… around the 20th of June.

But I was about to start training as a lead… so I decided to tell them today that I am leaving.

I had thought about staying if they could match the offer… but when I found out about the pay rate for a lead I realized I didn’t want to stay. The lead pay rate is comparable to what I’ve been offered but seeing that in writing I realized I don’t want to stay as a lead at this company. I want to be a trainer, not a lead.

I hate to leave this place, I have had great support from my lead and it’s a fun job. But there’s no formal training group so, for me, there’s no career opportunities.

I will also be very happy to be NON-contract worker. Yeah, benefits.

Sad to leave this “play” job (it is so laid back and easy that is practically like playing all day), happy to finally have a “real” job lined up.


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