Out of the loop…

My daughter has started her summer gymnastics schedule – 9am-1pm M-F – which means I no longer get to hang out at gym and watch her progress. I forgot how out-of-the-loop that makes me feel. By the time I get home from work gymnastics is HISTORY… I hear about afternoons at the park, funny stories about the dog or cat, even get to hear about the new ballet class, but not gymnastics. 😦

I don’t hear about moving up two beams on her back handspring…

I don’t hear about doing 3 giants in a row with no help from her coach…

I don’t hear about anything…

I didn’t even know she hurt her back on Monday until Monday night when she was heading to bed and I found out she had just gotten a backrub and some Tylenol to help it feel better…

Okay, it’s only two days into summer schedule, so I can take charge, here, and start asking about gymnastics when I get home… it’s just hard since I don’t know what to ask since the psychologist on the video that the coaches make us watch every year tells me not to learn all the names… 🙂

Well, I do know the names but I also understand where the psychologist is coming from, it empowers my kid if she’s the expert…

So this is how I ask, “How’s it going on the beam… that turn thingy, the, what is it… 180 thing?”

That way she can be the expert, correcting me on the terminology, and then telling me how she’s doing.

But I have some research ahead of me… then I’ll be able to ask all the right “dumb” questions to keep myself IN the loop all summer.


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