Between a rock and a hard place

I am not enjoying work right now…

Right after I heard that I might be hired for a training position at a new company, the company I’m currently at started having massive overtime opportunities.

I have been signing up for a lot of the overtime opportunities but since I feel like financial freedom, in the form of a new job, is right around the corner, I am having a hard time sacrificing myself physically and sacrificing my family time to work every single OT opportunity that has been put in front of me.

My current work team can’t understand why I would pass up overtime that they are not passing up… They are not happy about the fact that some overtime opportunities have been rescinded due to lack of interest (from other teams, not just me… but still…).

Honestly, even if I didn’t have another job (possibly) lined up, I wouldn’t want to work as much as is being offered. I promised myself I’d learned my lesson when I left my $40,000 a year job that was fun and laid back and allowed a lot of family time to take a $70,000 a year job that expected me to be there 60hrs a week and held every family emergency or even planned vacation against me.

And the lack of pay at this job actually is more incentive to NOT work overtime. Is an extra $100 going to pay those bills I haven’t paid since January?? NO! So is that extra $100 worth missing my kid’s birthday on Sunday even if her birthday party is the day before? NO!

I really hope I hear definite details about the new job soon, right now I don’t feel like it’s real and I don’t have a clear date of financial independence on the horizon, yet. I don’t think that date will be my first day at work at a new job that pays a livable wage but at least I could start mapping out my debt reduction plan from that date once I get it…

But right now I continue to live between a rock and a hard place, trying not to chase a little dollar sign at the cost of time with my daughter, especially since I know how little that dollar will actually buy, despite the “jokes” at work about me being the one that “made the difference” between getting and not getting weekend OT.



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