oh the irony – couldn’t watch @Aly_Raisman on #dwts because of gymnastics

Dancing with the Stars just finished; Kellie Pickler won the mirror ball trophy. We still have 13 episodes of Dancing with the Stars on our TiVo waiting to be watched… let me explain how this happened:

My daughter is 9 years old so she is a huge Zendaya fan since she watches Shake It Up on Disney Channel all the time.

She is also a competitive gymnast (look at my other posts, there are pictures to prove it) so she is also a huge fan of Aly Raisman. We went to San Jose to watch the trials and felt very close to the all the gymnasts (men and women) who competed for the US in London.

So when we saw the Dancing with the Stars cast for the season that just finished we decided to watch this season even though we normally don’t watch the show.

And we did okay for the first 2 or 3 weeks… but then gymnastics got in the way.

My daughter is training to compete at level 7 next year. She works out 4.5 hrs a day, 4 days a week. She gets home at 9pm, eats dinner, does homework, and goes to bed. We did not have time to watch 3 hrs of Dancing with the Stars each week.

So there it is. We will probably watch the remaining episodes at some point… when we have time… if we have time.


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