One of those days

Today all my Toastmasters experience and practice is coming into play.

I got invited to an interview for a trainer position based on my CareerBuilder resume.

Tuesday afternoon I was given a 15 minute ‘canned’ PowerPoint presentation that I must present in my Thursday interview.

Today (Thursday) my current job is all chaotic because a software update earlier this week bogged down the workflow and we are getting slammed today, and trying to arrange Saturday OT, which we’ve never done before, so everyone is walking around asking the same questions to 10 different people… not a good atmosphere for preparing for a presentation…

But I’ve prepared less for Toastmasters speeches that ended up going well, from the audiences perspective.

And I know how to take ‘canned’ presentations and make them my own from Toastmasters, too.

So although I am temporarily not a member, due to finances, I am very glad I have over 4 years of Toastmasters under my belt as I go into this interview/presentation later today.

Fingers crossed.

Wish me luck.

Although, since they contacted me, I don’t have a lot of ego invested in this… which also may be a plus, I’ll be more at ease and I won’t apologize for my shortcomings since they contacted me with full knowledge of those shortcomings.

Anyway, we’ll see, I guess… nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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