My attempt to be a better mom…

I have been silent in the blogging world for a while… I’ve been immersed in my attempt to be an AWESOME mom by creating the slideshow for the year-end gymnastics banquet and the yearbook. One thing I discovered is that it is time to address a huge gap in my mothering skills. It’s a gap I knew existed, but now I need to close the gap.

Here’s the thing… I don’t listen to top 40 music… I haven’t since I discovered alternative music in college. And I haven’t kept up on the alternative scene, either, since I started carting little tiny ears around in the back seat of my car… I switched to classic music when I had my daughter.

But when I was putting together this slideshow I realized I had no idea what songs my kid and her friends thought were cool besides some Selena Gomez songs and one 1D (One Direction) song. I got through the slideshow by polling my Facebook friends who have kids the same age. But the irony was after working so hard to find appropriate songs, circumstances worked against me and the music could not be heard over the girls yelling the names of their teammates photo by photo.

Today I took the first step toward closing the gap. I have a really laid back work environment and today I set up my work computer to stream the local top 40 radio station. I think it’s the station that my kid listens to at gym and at daycare. Tonight I will check with her to find out which station she listens to at gym and get that station set up on my work computer, if I haven’t already done that with the station I found today, and I will start listening regularly and ask her about songs occasionally so that I will be more prepared next year.


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