Z is for Zilch

a-to-z-letters-zI cannot believe that I’m on “Z” of the A-to-Z blogger challenge! And I knew last week what I wanted to write about. My work chili cook-off.

As a team bonding event, we had a chili cook-off. Now, I am not a huge chili fan so whenever there is a chili cook-off at work, I make chili that I like (yes, believe it or not, I’ve participated in several chili cook-offs). I never anticipate winning because I don’t like traditional chili so my chili is not traditional and a traditional chili usually wins. No different this time. I did not win.

But, regardless of who won best chili, I do know that mine was popular. How? Because they ate it all!

empty crock pot

empty crock pot

Pretty much none left. Zero. Zilch.

And that ends my participation in the April 2013 A-to-Z blogger’s challenge. I’ve gained some followers and for that I’m grateful. I will try to continue to entertain and amuse from here on out and I will also try to remember to participate next year. 🙂


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