V is for Vindication

a-to-z-letters-vOkay, my current activity is probably more rationalization than vindication. I just read an article that vindicates my love of pasta, I mean, allows me to rationalize my love of pasta. 🙂

Fruit, Mediterranean diet tied to fewer hot flashes

I am getting of an age that I am worried about “the change.” The fact that I have resolutely denied any semblance of will-power necessary to give up pasta in the face of friends on Atkins or South Beach diets is now paying off in spades. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Pasta is not the only aspect of the “Mediterranean-Style” diet that I enjoy. My family and I like to have a fruit and cheese night for dinner once a week. It includes melons, grapes, strawberries, pineapple, and various cheeses like Swiss, sharp cheddar, and Romano. I get sliced pepperoni and salami, sometimes, too. And I often include items from the olive bar at my local grocery store like Kalamata olives, teriyaki mushrooms, and the huge green olives that I don’t know the name of. And, yes, my grocery store has an olive bar.

So I will continue to honor my Italian heritage by eating a Mediterranean-Style diet, including pasta, and, hopefully, I will have more stable hormone levels to help me age gracefully over the next few decades.


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