U is for Upside-Down

a-to-z-letters-uU is a hard letter! I finally came up with “upside-down.” My daughter is currently learning how to do a giant on the uneven bars so I see her swinging upside-down quite often at practice. If you have ever watch a college level or Olympic level gymnastics competition, you have seen a giant, you just may not know it. I will try to get a photo of that tonight but, for now, here’s a picture of a giant that I found online:


I was thinking that upside-down was an appropriate topic because she was learning giants but when I looked through my photos from this past season, it seems she’s upside-down quite a bit. In handstands, back handsprings, front and back flips, and pullovers. She is upside-down on every single event: floor, bars, beam, and vaults. I realize now that being upside-down is nothing new for her. So here is a gallery of various upside-down moments from this past season.


3 thoughts on “U is for Upside-Down

  1. What a wonderful post for U! Great photos, and for me the first time I see all these names. It’s like reading a menu in a foreign language, or very abstract poetry. I like especially the “teddy bear front tuck”, which means nothing to me, but still sounds intriguing. Just as difficult for me to understand the terms, as to understand how anyone can do such wonderful things with their bodies (yes, I’m pretty jealous here). Tell your daughter I admire her skills!

    • Ha ha, I love your comment about the “teddy bear front tuck.” It helps remind me that everyone’s experiences are different and that their experiences influence their perception. See, to me it’s obvious: she’s doing a front tuck in the picture and she is at the Teddy Bear Invitational. But it’s not obvious, is it? That’s why I love blogging, helps me see my own life from various perspectives. The names of the moves combined with the names of the meets do become an abstract poetry. Thanks for pointing that out for me so I could enjoy the peotry of my every day family life.

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