T is for Treats

Last week I had the opportunity to work some overtime. I was allowed to work 44 hours last week so I got 4 whole hours of “time and a half” pay. I decided to splurge on a little treat for myself: the next book in the mystery series I’m reading. I bought the last one for state championships weekend which was in March. I decided to even rent a movie through Amazon Instant Video because I saw that the Kindle price for my mystery books dropped recently from $8.99 a book to $6.99 a book.

I realized recently that our family has really unique ways of “treating” ourselves. We don’t go out for ice cream or buy candy bars. No, we buy Kindle books or pairs of pajamas. Yes, you read that right, we buy pajamas.

But for this treat for myself I have decided to get a book and a movie. I had a hard time choosing my movie. I considered “2012” and “Jumper” but finally settled on “The Brothers Grimm.” Which ended up to be a good and bad choice. Good because it ends up that both “2012” and “Jumper” are showing on FX so I set my TiVo up to record them, which is free. Bad because I only get 24 hours to watch it once I start it, I’m used to 48 hours… and I’m not sure where I can look before I rent the movie to see how long I get to view it.

So now I have a movie I have to finish viewing in 24 hours and it usually takes me two nights to watch a movie. I will have to plan very carefully. I get 30 days to start the movie so I am not feeling any time crunch there, yet. I think I will start it during the afternoon when the family is at the gym so I can finish it that night without staying up too late.

After I had already downloaded the movie based on the justification that the mystery book was cheaper than expected I saw a commercial for a new TV show based on a Stephen King novel that I haven’t gotten a chance to read, yet: Under the Dome. So now, even though I’ve already rented a movie through Amazon and have it waiting for me to watch, I am going to splurge on the Kindle version of “Under the Dome” ($11.99) so I can read it before the series premiere in June.

A book and a movie: very good treats for myself, if I do say so myself. 🙂


2 thoughts on “T is for Treats

    • My daughter is a morning person, I’m not. On a recent Sunday morning she snuggled in bed with her Kindle until almost lunch, which meant I got to sleep in over 2 hrs. Even just a morning in bed can be a treat. 🙂

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