S is for Seasons

a-to-z-letters-sI am so glad I live in a place that has four true seasons. I think that where I currently live the summers are too hot and the winters are too cold but I love spring and fall.

We are enjoying typical spring weather right now. On Friday it was raining but it felt like a nice mild spring rain. The week before, right after a beautiful Easter weekend, it got very cold and rainy. That rain felt like winter reaching its claws out to try to drag us back into its domain. I even bought a winter ale during that week of cold winter-like weather. Mostly because I was surprised to see a winter ale sitting on the shelf among all the spring and summer ales.

The spring weather inspired me to grill steaks but, unfortunately, the spring weather is in a tumultuous phase and it was too windy for me to get the briquettes to light. I broiled instead, and raved about the peppercorn marinade in my “P is for Peppercorn” post. I also mentioned that I would try to grill before it rained on my briquettes but that did not happen. It was very windy the whole rest of the week and Friday it started raining while I was at work, and I thought to myself, “There go my charcoal briquettes… I wonder if I can still use them once they dry out.” I haven’t tried yet, but I will.

But I like the tumultuous weather, even when it messes up my dinner plans. The changeable weather holds promise of new ventures. I feel that anything could change in a moment when the weather is like this and, maybe, something in my life will change for the better. Not that my life is bad, I like my life right now, for the most part. But I am always excited about new possibilities and when the weather is stormy and unpredictable it seems to also hold all sorts of possibilities on the horizon.

That’s why fall is also one of my favorite seasons, because of the changing world around me seems to hold a promise of possibilities in the very air around me. I like fall just a little more than spring and that’s because fall is lucky enough to host several holidays that traditionally involve family and friends gathering for good times. Fall is also, in my mind, a time of new beginnings. School starts in the fall with new classes, new teachers, new students. I don’t go to school anymore but I still have that feeling of new beginnings come fall. Because of that, fall seems to hold just a little more promise of possibilities.

Summer and winter are just day after day of hot or cold weather, no hope of change, only hotter or colder. I get very tired of the same thing day after day during those seasons.

So, for now, I continue to enjoy the mild, changeable spring weather because I know that soon it will be just hot, hot, hot, and I will be drained of all energy and fall into a state of ennui that won’t be broken until that first fall storm.


One thought on “S is for Seasons

  1. We’ve sen quite a few comments on pagan/occult blogs that it seems as the wheel was turning a little slowly this year with the prolonging of cold, damp days. But there finally seems to have been a quickening and a bursting through of the energies, so we’re beginning to feel that warmer weather.

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