R is for Rest

a-to-z-letters-rThe last few days there have been overtime opportunities at my job. I came in an hour early for the last three days of the week to take advantage of the overtime opportunities and I was very tired by Friday. I figured out Thursday night why coming in early to work is not the ideal scenario for me.

See, my kid does not get home until 9pm most nights. So by the time she ate dinner, did homework, and got to bed on Thursday, it was after 10pm. Then I went down to watch a bit of TV, my only TV for the day, and by the time I got to bed it was 11:30pm… that makes getting up at 5:45am VERY HARD.

I definitely felt like I was not getting enough rest and it wasn’t until Thursday night that I really thought about the “why.” I think I got to bed earlier Wednesday night, but not much, maybe 10:30pm. I was able to go to bed at a decent time Tuesday but only because that’s the one day of the week that my kid comes straight home from school so I had her in bed by 8pm.

At 10:00am Friday I was already looking forward to sleeping in Saturday morning. But my kid is a morning kid so “sleeping in” means 8:30, and that’s only if I specifically spell out instructions Friday night that she is not allowed to wake my up until then. Usually she gets me up at 8:00am on weekends.

Not that we dive right into strenuous activities at 8:00am. We usually get up together and go downstairs to watch all the Disney shows that recorded Friday night and just have some “mother-daughter” time. I don’t even get coffee brewing until after 9:00am most Saturdays. But still, that extra 30 minutes of sleep is very noticeable when I “lay down the law” and get the extra rest.

I needed it this week.


One thought on “R is for Rest

  1. Everyone needs rest. I am fortunate to be in a pattern of sleep where I stay sound asleep as long as possible. It won’t be too long until I cycle out and wake early and get up to tap away on my laptop.

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