P is for Peppercorn

a-to-z-letters-pI have discovered a new, delicious marinade. Mr. Yoshida’s Cracked Pepper & Garlic Marinade & Cooking Sauce. I made steaks for dinner recently and I was looking for a new marinade that didn’t have overtly Asian flavors (because my current go-to is a sesame ginger marinade).

I am in a serious peppercorn phase in my cooking right now. But I was worried that my kid would balk at the peppercorn marinade on her steak. She didn’t. The marinade was actually surprisingly sweet. I could see the peppercorns but they weren’t too strong. I didn’t crunch into any strong pepper flavored bits. I am definitely going to use this marinade again, it was very tasty.

It was a great, easy dinner – marinate thick eye-of-round steaks for an hour in a bottled marinade, boil some frozen corn on the cob, boil water and add to instant Idaho Four Cheese mashed potatoes, broil steaks for 6 minutes per side, SERVE.


I had planned on grilling the steaks, the first official grilling of spring, but it was very windy that night and I couldn’t keep the briquettes lit so I went with broiling, instead. I’ll try to grill again later this week, before my briquettes get rained on. 🙂


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