N is for Nez Perce

a-to-z-letters-nHere is another post related to our family trip for the State Gymnastics Championships. My daughter has been learning about Idaho History this year so we stopped at a few of the locations that she had learned about in school; specifically a few locations related to the Nez Perce War.

There are photos of Whitebird Hill taken from the Interpretive Shelter.

There are photos at the Nez Perce National Historical Park which I knew as Spalding Park when I was growing up and the old bridge that I photographed in the cemetery was the main road in and out (it’s closed down, now).

And there are some photos of my favorite locations on the road trip from Southern Idaho to Northern Idaho. When I was a kid, the “old” highways I photographed were the ONLY highways 🙂

It’s kind of fun to take landscape photos again, I used to be really into taking waterfall and wildflower photos but I’ve been working on including people over the last decade or so… okay, one particular person… my kid… 🙂


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