M is for Meets

a-to-z-letters-mWriting everyday is quite a challenge so I am not going to waste any posts with a non-A-to-Z-theme. I also read, before starting the challenge, that one trick is to write ahead and schedule the posts to publish automatically on the appropriate date. So that’s what I’ve done with this post… okay, every post… 🙂

So today M is for Meets – gymnastics meets. And for my Facebook friends who have been awaiting the results of State Championships, here they are.

First – USA Gymnastics rules state 1) no more than 12 girls per group at a state competition, and 2) medals are given to the top 50% of the group. The hosting gym decided to give all the girls all-around medals but followed the 50% rule for the event medals. Em’s group had 10 girls in it so the hosting gym gave event medals out to 5th place.

She started on Vault, got an 8.475 which landed her in 6th place… no medal.

Then came Bars, her strongest event, where she got an 8.675 which got her SECOND PLACE!!!!

Next was Beam, usually her weakest event but not that day. She scored an 8.750, I practically fell out of my chair. That was worth a tie for 6th place. Not enough for a medal but WHO CARES! I checked the other girls scores and she scored third for her team (all ages), that was a tremendous accomplishement.

Finally floor. She scored an 8.225 which, at the time, I thought was a little low but fairly in-line with how she usually does. Unfortunately that put her 10th out of 10 but she doesn’t know that since they only gave medals out to 5th place. She only knows that she didn’t place for a medal. I know her actual placement because I looked at the results later.

But that effort still snagged her 6th place all-around which is not too shabby at a state-wide championship meet.

I can’t wait until next season. (I know, I know, this season has only been over for 2 weeks.) The reason is that she will be an optional and she will be able to pick skills that suit her strengths. She works so hard now and improves some much over the competition season, I think that she will just catch fire when she gets to play to her strengths during competitions.

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