K is for Karma or Kismet

a-to-z-letters-kAs I’ve already mentioned, I love spring seasonal beers. If I had to rank the different seasons for beer selection, I’d have a hard time, but I think it would be as follows: Winter, summer, spring, fall. I have a lot to look forward to over the next six months.

After deciding to write my Monday post about my favorite spring seasonal beer appearing in the store, I had a wonderful surprise. I am not sure if it was “karma” or just “kismet.”

Karma: Destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.

Kismet: Destiny; fate.

So what happened? I was in the beer section at my grocery store and this is what I saw:

Newest Blue Moon Seasonal Sampler

Newest Blue Moon Seasonal Sampler

A beautiful new seasonal sampler from Blue Moon with THREE new flavors! Even the check-out guy was surprised to see it and said that he might have to go get a box for himself when he got off work.

So I’ll let you decide, was it karma? A reward for my ongoing appreciation of seasonal brews? Or was it just kismet?


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