J is for Job Security

a-to-z-letters-jI know that “job security” has become a myth in the US but I really wish it still existed. I got laid-off a job I’d had for almost 14 years. I got a new job but after a year I was foolish enough to jump at the chance to get back into the semi-conductor industry; and then got laid-off again after only two years.

Right now I am not making ends meet although I have a cool job in a new industry… I am getting help from friends and family to make ends meet each month while hoping to get a promotion at this new job that will close the gap between my pay and my bills. This job is with a company that makes its living being the “outsource” resource for bigger companies which means a career at this company could entail hopping from contract to contract and, perhaps, town to town. I’m not sure I want that but a bird in hand is worth two in the bush so I am even more reluctant to jump ship for a “better” opportunity like I did two and half years ago.

My fantasy as I drive home at night after a day at work is to have a job that I knew would be safe and stable for the next 9-10 years. I don’t even fantasize about staying in the same job until retirement. I used, but not anymore. These days I just want to have the same job through my daughter’s high school graduation, after that I’d be willing to drift around the world working at odd jobs, living day-to-day, just as long as my kid was safe on her on career path.

But I suppose even that part is a fantasy – will my daughter ever be safe on her career path? If I’ll never feel safe in my future, will she?

Anyway, after I fantasize about a long, stable career over the next 10-15 years, I shake it of and get back to the reality of worrying day to day about whether or not I’ll have a job tomorrow or next week or next month and try to just take things as they come. 😦


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